Three Brown Jotos

Y Que Gane la Mas Perra

July 13, 2022 Three Brown Jotos Season 2 Episode 3
Three Brown Jotos
Y Que Gane la Mas Perra
Show Notes

You are about to listen to Alejandro, Joaquin, and Charlie (AKA Three Brown Jotos) talk about their personal experiences and views on LGBTQIA+ topics, current events, and all the good joteria that play out in their lives.

Sup homies, welcome to another episode of the Three Brown Jotos Podcast.

Jocks, balls, and athletes oh my!
In this episode
Alejandro, Joaquin, and Charlie talk about their experience playing sports, being a team player, and how LGBTQIA sports leagues create safe spaces. 

So get ready, get set, and GO… listen now!

Agarren sus bebidas, sus chicheris y subanle Al volumen porque se va a armar…

Y que gane la más perra! 

Three Brown Jotos
Three Brown Jotos

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